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Sample Interior Designer Cover Letter Template

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Dear Mr. Wells,

I'm submitting a letter to express my strong desire to be considered for the position of interior designer being offered by Segma Int. I fully believe I'm qualified to fill the position and make great contributions to encourage the growth of organization.

A brief review of my career working experience will reveal what I can contribute to Segma Int: I have 36 years old, finished B.Sc fine arts from the faculty of fine arts, finished training as graphics yccg photoshop freehand 3ds max, autocad 2d autocad 3d, 3ds max, with a total working experience of 11 to 12 years, summarized as: sales engineer for one year, and from 10 years started working as interior designer

I'm convinced that I can provide you with the detailed information needed for you to see what positive contributions I could make if given the chance to come in for an interview.

At your earliest convenience please contact me at 323.937.3931, or send me an email.

Flori Rothenberg

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Job resume sample for interior designer

Professional Exp.

Interior designer, 3/2004 - present

Job description

Conduct interior design for any required space apartments, commercial shops, offices, etc using autocad, dmax and photoshop, standard procedure henceforth is as follows, seek and meet new clients, mainly based on personal referrals; For credentials presentation and kickoff meeting to determine required task and client expectations plot in question, finishings required, furnishings, interior decorations, and all associated details; Sketch preliminary freehand and perspective designs to transform into d computer modeling and autocad designs proposals to incorporate personal professional perspective and experience whilst tailoring to client requirements in terms of planning, staffing, knowledge of interior building materials, detailing, construction techniques, set budget, etc; present to client and fine tune until final scope of work, including time plan and cost analysis; Is defined and approved by both parties contingency plans incorporated to address any arising issues and recommended improvements, explore and shop for required materials, whilst ensuring quality sought after is achieved; and hire labor force to execute approved designs and plans, supervise work in progress, administer project budget, control expenses, whilst keeping client updated with developments; Guarantee delivery of end product as per agreed timeframe and specifications and ensure client satisfaction; maintain valuable personal relationships with clients.


B.Sc. Fine Arts; Interior Design Section; Fine Arts Faculty, Clorado University; 7/2002.

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Sample Resume Template In Image Format

Sample Interior Designer Resume Template

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